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24.10.2020 22:02

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Social pages of captured Armenian soldiers are kept from Baku.

Social pages of captured Armenian soldiers are kept from Baku.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia obtained objective evidence certifying that Azeris illegally take passwords and usernames of Armenian social network accounts and manage those pages themselves .

Evidence shows that these social network pages or accounts are activated from the Azerbaijani IP (Internet Protocol) domain. Our monitoring shows that these are our compatriots who taken as prisoners of war or otherwise appeared in Azerbaijan.

Hatred is being spread from the mentioned pages of Armenian users. These pages also spread materials to incite public and political enmity both in Armenia and Artsakh, generate tensions, panic and anxiety in the society.

Monitoring of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender has revealed cases where Armenian social network accounts reacted to the mentioned materials, without knowing that the social network page is managed from Azerbaijan.

Therefore, it is of outmost importance to be extremely careful while using or disseminating materials through social media.

Attached is some of evidence; these and all above mentioned materials are duly documented by the Human Rights Defender of Armenia to send to relevant international bodies.

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