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23.12.2020 18:25

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Elon Musk says Apple 'passed on potential deal' to buy Tesla

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Elon Musk says Apple 'passed on potential deal' to buy Tesla

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook refused to take a meeting years ago to discuss acquiring Tesla, Elon Musk has said on Twitter.


Tesla CEO Musk said in a tweet that he reached out to Apple during the "darkest days" of development of his company's Model 3 to talk about a possible a deal.


Musk said he planned to discuss the possibility of selling Tesla to Apple for one-tenth of its current value, indicating a valuation of about $60 billion.


Production of the Model 3 began in 2017, around the same time Apple decided to shift from development of a full-fledged Tesla competitor to an underlying self-driving car system, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.


In recent years, Apple has hired a number of ex-Tesla executives who specialise in drive train, car interior and self-driving technology, indicating that the company is once again considering entering the market.


An Apple spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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