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31.05.2020 22:10

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The first football match took place in Zoom stands. ABC

The first football match took place in Zoom stands. ABC

Some countries have begun to ease restrictions on the COVID-19 epidemic, but not completely. For example, a football match was held in Denmark, but viewers were allowed to watch the game only through Zoom. This was reported by ABC.


Thousands of fans took advantage of the video conference to be at the stadium during the match between Aarhus and Randers football clubs, which opened the football season after the quarantine. In order for the players to feel the support of the fans, big screens were placed around the perimeter of the football field, covering the empty stands.


A group of 20 people was involved in organizing and monitoring the calls. The fans mentioned certain shortcomings of watching this game. It was clear that some viewers were doing their homework, constantly deviating from the game, and that such a large audience was constantly non-synchronous. As a result, some fans could see the goal earlier and be happy for their team, while others tried to understand what was happening.











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