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15.06.2020 17:52

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Vahram Dumanyan on tuition fees and good education

Vahram Dumanyan on tuition fees and good education

Ashot Saghyan, Vahram Dumanyan, Ruben Melkonyan and Vahe Hovhannisyan are the main university candidates for the post of YSU Rector. According to Aravot.am, the favorite of the Ministry of Education and Science is Vahram Dumanyan. As for YSU Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan, he was hinted at "from above" not to run, because during his tenure some problems arose, which will probably be addressed after the election of the Rector.


In a conversation with Aravot.am, Dean of YSU Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Vahram Dumanyan said that this is the first time he has heard about him being the favorite of the Ministry of Education and Science. "You are asking a question in which there is an assertion. There is no such thing as something being built or denied on something that does not exist now," he said. We asked if the rector was elected, especially what he would like to change at Yerevan State University. "A lot, but at the moment I don't want to talk about it," said Mr. Dumanyan. During our conversation, reference was made to raising tuition fees at YSU.


Vahram Dumanyan said that in case of comparing, the tuition fees at YSU are low. "Rent is not an end in itself, and in our country the cheapest higher education is now, the fees are higher in private kindergartens and private schools. It was worth it to raise the university fees, but it's a matter of how to pay that amount. Tuition at leading universities is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Even there, tens of thousands of dollars are not paid by the student alone. In other countries, tuition fees are so high that professors are paid well.


It is a global problem how to pay tuition fees. In the West, too, the student does not personally pay the full amount, there are different pipes, the amount is formed from different places, the student can only pay twenty to thirty percent of it, the rest is paid from foundations and scholarships. If professors and associates had the opportunity to live a humane life and education was free, it would be much better, but unfortunately, that is not possible. A good education is also expensive. ” As for the online session of YSU Academic Council, during which 8 members of YSU Board of Trustees are elected, YSU Spokesman Gevorg Emin-Teryan wrote on his Facebook page that YSU Acting Rector Gegham Ghorgyan's verbal order, not only for the media, was banned from broadcasting online. but YSU Public Relations Service.







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