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15.07.2020 14:36

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Summary of Border Situation

Summary of Border Situation

Since July 14, starting from 6:00 p.m., a gradual decrease of tension, from about midnight (00:15 a.m.) an almost complete cessation of fire was observed - no large-caliber weapons, artillery, etc. were used. Before that there was some activity.


At this moment the situation remains calm.


The situation on the part of Artsakh was calm.


The RA Armed Forces have fulfilled and continue to fulfill their task brilliantly. The nature and the extent of the conflict is not so as to turn to volunteers or reserve for help.


The air defense forces of the RA Armed Forces hit two UAVs, which fell in the nutral zone. In total, about 10 UAVs were destroyed.


The number of casualties confirmed by the enemy is 12, but it is probably not a final number.


Since July 12 as a result of fights the Armenian side has two dozen wounded. At the moment, it is 10 wounded who are receiving treatment in medical institutions. The condition of five servicemen is assessed as moderate, with positive dynamics. One soldier is in critical condition.


No evacuation was carried out from any settlement.


During these days, the Azerbaijani armed forces have used small arms of all calibers at their disposal (machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers, etc.), tanks, and artillery up to 122 mm and larger caliber. From strike drones, we see the SkyStriker type for the first time.


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