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20.07.2020 01:33

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Summary of border situation

Summary of border situation

Last night the situation on the border was relatively calm, the ceasefire was violated about 70 times, mostly small caliber arms were used. The RA Armed Forces are fully controlling the situation.


The RA Armed Forces always had the technical capability to strike the Azerbaijani energy carriers, the infrastructure, but they have never had and do not have such a desire.


International companies, which own the oil and gas pipelines passing through this region, can be sure that Armenia is a guarantor of security, not a consumer. Armenia can ensure their security better than anyone in this region.


The RA Armed Forces are ready to ensure the security of our borders, whether protecting from Turkish militants, Muslim extremists or from the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.


The condition of the wounded remains the same with a positive dynamic, but the state of the soldier who is in an extremely serious condition continues to remain unchanged.


These days, the opponent has also targeted educational infrastructure (kindergarten, school). In this regard, the Ministry of Education and Science has sent applications to the Director-General of UNESCO, foreign diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Armenia, expressing concern over this.


Monitoring works in the bordering area continued today. The number of shelters will increase in the near future, they will be brought to a better condition, new shelters are planned to be built near schools.







Today, the residents have already fully returned to agricultural work, rehabilitation works and construction works are intensively carried out.


Today a wedding ceremony took place in the church of Movses village.

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